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Pristine Overview

Our number one priority: building a quality chlorinator
Introducing Pristine: the robust chlorinator designed from the ground up; using quality materials, innovative engineering, and advanced technology.

Innovation Draws Attention
Incorporating many innovative features, you will be drawn to the Pristine chlorinator; first, by the clean appearance, and then by its easy to use menu-driven digital display.

Keeping it Simple
No flashing LED’s, no archaic panel-meters, and no ugly mechanical timers. We’ve kept it simple, clean, and smart.

To be Precise is Smart
With the Pristine Chlorinator, you can precisely adjust chlorine output down to 1% ‘setting the optimum level of chlorine production’for maximum performance and comfort.

When only the Best Cell will do
With the implementation of high grade anode material and a generously large cell surface area; we can assure high efficiency and prolonged cell life.

Introducing new technology; ‘Dynamic Cell Balancing’ the Pristine chlorinator adjusts power output equally during each cycle, further contributing to long cell life.

When things are tough, we don’t give up!
When salt levels are too high, the Pristine chlorinator continues to run at the highest possible chlorine output, thus reducing the chances of algae blooms. Unlike other chlorinators on the market, we don’t just shut down and give up!

80 Years of Industry Experience. Good Service Matters

With a combined experience of over 80 years designing and developing Transformers and Rectifiers to 8000amps for use in industries such as:

  • Electro-plating
  • Battery charging
  • Emergency UPS systems
  • Power station Electro-chlorination rectifiers

We now release our new and inventive range of Pristine saltwater chlorinators

The harsh Australian summer demands robust, high quality products that are built to last. We use the finest quality materials available and pride ourselves on our quality workmanship.

The Pristine chlorinator is backed by a two year warranty on both the control unit and the cell.

Feel secure in knowing when you purchase the Pristine chlorinator; you are buying a quality Australian built product, with only the best components, and latest technology available on the market today.

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